Return to Radiance

031. A New Perspective on Boundaries

September 27, 2022 Episode 31
Return to Radiance
031. A New Perspective on Boundaries
Show Notes

In this episode, I discuss the wounding we often carry when it comes to setting boundaries and stepping into your power.  Tune in to experience a shift in perspective when it comes to what boundaries really are, and how you can raise the standards in your life, business and relationships without creating disconnection.


  1. SOUL LEGACY 1:1 Voxer
    For the woman who's ready to remember what it feels like to be wildly in love with your business. Receive custom support with designing a business strategy that feels juicy and expansive to show up in, cleaning up energetic leaks and burdens, moving more fully into your expression and personal power, activating your gifts on a new level, building confidence from the inside out, and so much more. Walk away with a refreshed, soul aligned business that feels expansive and liberated through which you share your most potent magic.  Send me a DM on socials to get started.

  2. QUANTUM WOMAN 1:1 Akashic Expansion
    For the woman ready to shed layers of limitation, repression and energetic baggage. If you've been bumping up against patterns that you just can't seem to overcome, the Akashic Records will be a powerful yet gentle ally to move forward once and for all. This program will cover future timeline activations, inner child and past life healing, money and desire work and divine feminine leadership activation to help you remember who you truly are in your soul's purpose, wisdom and magic.  Send me a DM to apply.

  3. THE VOID group Voxer coaching & sisterhood
    For the woman who's getting the call to slow down and surrender to her unfolding, and desires to be held and nurtured while navigating the "in-between." The void can be painful and frustrating, or it can be a beautiful, fertile season for new creations to come through. This potent sisterhood is designed to hold you as you slow down and ease into complete trust and surrender so that you emerge from the other side with the most potent, magnetic offers and creations you've ever birthed. 

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