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030. "You Can't Put Words to Magic": A Next Level Conversation with KC Volard

September 20, 2022 Danielle Venables Episode 30
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030. "You Can't Put Words to Magic": A Next Level Conversation with KC Volard
Show Notes

KC Volard is an Energy Alchemy & Kundalini business coach and founder of the As She Rises brand. She guides visionary women in cultivating an internal environment for success through neuro-somatic practices, shadow work, kundalini & conscious business strategy. It's her vision and soul's purpose to guide women to really embracing their inner wisdom, self-mastery, and truly owning their power -- through a sacred remembrance of who they are really here to be and what they are here to do.


Death and rebirth along the evolutionary path and pioneering a new wave of leadership

The normalization of energy work on the collective level

Coming HOME to ourselves, our bodies and our truths

Raising the next generation in a way that nurtures safety and power in their own body

Reflecting on the conditioning, guilt and shame throughout childhood associated with our innate knowing

Building a business from your authentic expression and innate knowing

Healing the grief and sadness from being disconnected from your soul

Feeling the full spectrum of the human experience as you embody your highest self

Immersing yourself fully into the human experience for the evolution of your soul and the planet

Searching for your purpose in life outside of yourself vs leaning in and trusting your soul path

The stronghold of the ego on the way we show up and try to be in control

The truth behind her $100k cash month

Playing with the infinite possible outcomes versus achieving a vanity metric or milestone

Becoming the artist in your business

Dismantling the hierarchy and power meeting power in coach-client relationships

Healing the sister wound and the importance of sisterhood in seeing your own power

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