Return to Radiance

028. The New Earth Approach to Business with Jenna Faye Madden

September 06, 2022 Episode 28
Return to Radiance
028. The New Earth Approach to Business with Jenna Faye Madden
Show Notes

Jenna Faye Madden is the CEO of Soul Meets Strategy™.  Her life’s work is devoted to helping conscious new earth feminine leaders grow to 6-7 figures and expand personally, professionally, financially as well as in consciousness. She focuses on wealth & money, consciousness, leadership, embodiment and business.


Balancing the inner tug-of-war between being a new earth warrior and staying in your lane in your soul work

Managing your energy in moments of great polarity and density

Embodying your role on this planet

Focusing on your own energetic state and immediate ripple effect rather than trying to save the world

Navigating the initiations of the new earth

Peeking behind the scenes of the trials and tribulations of the collective fear energetics and the impact on business

Moving towards the vision of the new earth and holding the vision, not the circumstances

Detoxing and bringing more consciousness to consumption

Establishing a sense of safety and empowerment through new hobbies, rituals and interests

Understanding the collective vision and what we’re moving into with the new earth

Opening and calibrating to new levels of abundance, love, connection and going all in with deeper work and bigger dreams

Increasing capacity to hold the depths of transformation required in today’s world

Leading with your essence vs leading with certifications or “expert” positioning

Coming back to the naturalness of intuition and ancient wisdom

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